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Accounting and tax advisory firm in Romania managed by two licensed tax advisors with a PhD, in Accounting and in Management.

GEC is a Bucharest-based, centrally-located team of technology-oriented experts with international exposure, specialised in bookkeeping, accounting & payroll, financial audit & tax advisory. The 30 GEC experts speak English, French, German, Italian – and are part of The International Accounting Group TIAG®, third largest global alliance of independent accounting firms. GEC is also a member of the Romanian professional bodies in accounting (CECCAR), tax advisory (CCF) and audit (CAFR).

In addition to the traditional accounting, payroll and tax advisory services, we also offer:

  • Virtual CFO

  • “Expert contabil pentru o zi” / Expert-accountant-on-demand

  • Management reporting for groups of companies

  • Registered office for a new business

  • Business valuations

  • Business development support

  • Tax advice on buying / selling business, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), divisions

  • Support for conversion from Limited Liability Company (SRL) to Joint Stock Company (SA)

  • Support for internationalisation

  • Business plans: SWOT, risk, cashflow, forecasting, workflows

  • Market analysis

  • Legislation monitoring on demand

  • Business coaching and mentoring

  • Bank support: new accounts, double signature A-B, loan/leasing documentation

  • Online document management system

  • VAT registration

  • VAT refunds

  • Tax inspection support

  • Support for drafting the mandatory Accounting Policies Manual

  • Support for drafting the Internal Regulations

  • Support for the Annual Inventory

  • Audit of the Annual Financial Statements

  • Audit of EU-funded projects

  • Audit-on-demand

  • Due diligence

  • Certification of Tax Forms

  • IFRS conversion

  • Due diligence, forensics, detecting white-collar fraud

  • Extra-judicial Expert Accounting Report for court cases

  • Trade Registry Statements (=ro. Certificat Constatator)


… and many more.

The project [my] BUSINESS IN ROMANIA™ is based on the GEC experience in offering outsourced services to foreign companies from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania, Moldova, Monaco, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, US etc. The project aims to offer the reader Romanian tax news and relevant actionable information, in English, about key business facts.

You may easily setup a call with the GEC team members on the Book Online page. You may also visit the book landing page and read the specialty books written by GEC authors. The easiest way to interact is by using the Wix mobile app [my] BUSINESS IN ROMANIA™, available for iOS and Android.


Photo Maria Piroi.jpeg


Maria Piroi

my Tax Advisor


Maria, CEO, is a Forbes Romania Keynote Speaker and Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, hosting the podcast and the YouTube channel "Afacerea mea în România". She teaches Accounting in the University and has created her own successful business in the field. During the last 20 years, Maria has offered tax & business advisory to High Net Worth Individuals – and has helped companies from all sectors start and grow business. In parallel, as a certified financial auditor, Maria has audited more than EUR 1bn of EU-funded projects. This is how she has developed a unique business methodology. Learning from this experience, Maria is in the best position to help me with the pre-filtered, actionable steps I need to take in order to turn my business in Romania into a success.



Dana Rotaru 

my Accounting Expert


Dana, CFO, is a certified expert accountant and tax advisor. She graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest - Faculty of Finance and Accounting - and is an awarded member of the Romanian professional bodies for accounting (CECCAR) and tax consulting (CCF) since 2007.



Bogdan Năstase

my Business Developer


Bogdan, MP, is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author and hosts the podcast [my] BUSINESS IN ROMANIA™. He can help companies to internationalise & get cost savings through technology adoption & automatisation: he has attended Harvard Business School, has a PhD in Management, and is a registered member of the Romanian Chamber of Tax Advisors. Before joining the GEC team, he has played a number of key roles in development banks and multinational organisations from Western Europe, Central Asia and East Africa. Bogdan has a strong interest in stimulating foreign investment in Romania – and is encouraging the Romanian Diaspora return as Entrepreneurs.





Operating Systems

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  • MacOS

  • Linux




We are excited to welcome Group Expert Consulting as TIAG's member in Romania. The breadth and quality of their services, as well as their reputation and prominence in an emerging European economy such as Romania, makes them an excellent addition to our growing international alliance of firms. [...] The business world is shrinking every year. Whether you are a small-to-medium sized business, or a Fortune 1000 company, increasingly, you need the help of legal and accounting professionals who can handle matters close to home and outside of your geographic region, whether it's across the country or around the world. It could be that your New York based company is acquiring a company in Europe; your Japanese firm may need to conduct an audit at locations in a dozen other countries. Maybe you simply need to handle a transaction in a different state or province, or perhaps your Canadian business needs to expand into Latin America, but needs answers to critical tax questions. In many cases, action must be taken quickly and, often, you need legal and accounting advice, or both. That’s why you want a firm that has global connections in both areas, but you also want the kind of secure, senior-level attention you get from a local firm, that understands your specific issues. That's why you want to be sure that your firm is a member of the TAGLaw®-TIAG® Alliance. Combined, TAGLaw® and TIAG® are an exclusive long standing Alliance of high quality independent legal and accounting firms with more than 500 offices located in over 90 countries around the globe. All Alliance members are highly regarded local firms, vetted through a rigorous selection process, so you know you will be dealing with proven professionals you can trust. Plus, all members can conduct business in English, regardless of their geographic location. In addition to providing high quality personalised service, Alliance members give you instant access to legal, accounting and financial consulting expertise wherever you need it. They can often resolve complex issues outside your area, with an ease that comes from local knowledge. Alliance members are a tight neat group of peers at the top of their profession who come together regularly at international conferences and regional meetings, to share their best practices and strength their relationships, and the organisation advices boards consist of experience lawyers and accountants from around the world who contributed valuable ideas that keep TAGLaw® and TIAG® at the leading edge. Most importantly, when you work with an Alliance member, you know you will always be able to get your legal and accounting issues handled securely anywhere, anytime, and that is how you stay ahead. TAGLaw® and TIAG® offer you safe hands around the world. To compete effectively in a fast shrinking business world you need regional and international expertise with high quality services."


Bob Sattin, President · TIAG

"A success story: we recently visited Group Expert Consulting in Bucharest, who are dealing with an important VAT recovery issue for one of our clients. We have been received in such a friendly manner that we hope to find an excuse to return to Romania.


Fedele Gubitosi, Managing Partner · Studio Rock (Milan, Italy – TIAG) | Siirtec Nigi S.p.A.


"The increased dynamics of the logistics sector require a matching experience from our business partners and service suppliers. Especially in the case of international logistics companies, it is paramount for the tax forms to be filed on time in each country in which the group operates. Also, the reporting to the headquarters has to be done within certain standards: the management reporting procedures at international group level have to be understood and implemented fast. Therefore, I am happy to recommend the services of the Group Expert Consulting (GEC) team led by Maria Piroi for similar types of outsourced work to the benefit of top-tier international logistics company. Through their responsiveness and attention to detail, the GEC team brought us value and demonstrated a superior level of service quality, generating customer satisfaction above expectations, assisting us with outsourced services of management and tax reporting, following a competitive selection procedure."

Anthony Heszberger, Director CEE and MEA Regions · Santa Fe Relocation

"We hereby confirm that SC Group Expert Consulting 2000 SRL offered consulting services in financial management and public procurement, between November and December 2015, to the Centre for Continuous Electoral Training (CCET), coordinated by the Central Election Commission of Moldova, contracted with the support of the United Nations Development Programme in Moldova / Component Elections. As a result of an effective collaboration between the team of experts and the CCET staff within the time limits set, the project experts identified the gaps within the internal procedures in financial management and public procurement, identified solutions to amend / supplement / adjust them, provided document templates at the request of CCET staff. Most importantly, the CCET staff benefited from the assistance of professionals who have provided clear explanations and formed skills for the successful implementation of a new set of internal rules designed to strengthen the institutional capacity of CCET. The project's success was guaranteed by profound knowledge of the experts in the areas concerned, as well as by their excellent legislative know-how. In full confidence, we recommend the services of SC Group Expert Consulting 2000 SRL in projects in the field of financial management and public procurement, relying on our own positive experience. Their services can be appreciated as professional, flexible and innovative.


Natalia Iuraș, CEO · Centre for Continuous Electoral Training | Central Election Commission of Moldova | United Nations Development Programme in Moldova


"The quality of services provided, the promptness and the professionalism with which Group Expert Consulting 2000 SRL honour their contractual obligations, recommend this company to be an inspired choice for accounting services and external financial audit.


Gabriel Purice, CEO · Romanian Commodities Exchange (Bursa Română de Mărfuri) S.A.


"We express our appreciation for the cooperation of the Official Gazette with SC Group Expert Consulting 2000 SRL. We chose to work with SC Group Expert Consulting 2000 SRL as a service provider as it showed professionalism during our collaboration, stretching over 3 years, and outstanding quality services. Expert Consulting Group employees have shown professionalism and have always given us full support in choosing the best solution for our requirements on annual financial statements, advice on the preparation of annual income, the implementation of the provisions, new legal assistance and advice on the annual inventory of assets."


Violeta Bășulescu, Economic Director · Romanian Official Gazette (Regia Autonomă Monitorul Oficial) | General Secretariate of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies


"Group Expert Consulting 2000 SRL is offering us a professional warranty. We appreciate the services rendered to date, in terms of quality, as very good. Other specifications: Group Expert Consulting 2000 SRL have provided a complete service, in accordance with agreements concluded and the minimum time specified in the contract and we had no objection on quality."


Liviu Costache, CEO · National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration (Compania Națională de Administrare a Infrastructurii Rutiere CNAIR S.A., formerly CNADNR S.A., Compania Națională de Autostrăzi și Drumuri Naționale din România S.A.)


"We recommend SC Group Expert Consulting 2000 SRL, legally represented by Mrs. Maria Piroi as senior auditor, as a collaborator who works professionally within the contractual duties."


Adriana Angheluș, Development Manager · AQUATIM S.A. City of Timișoara Water Company (Compania de Apă Timișoara)


"The nature of work in the field of energy, both conventional and renewable generating the need for specialised consulting and accounting work to international standards is essential to putting into practice good business plans. These qualities can be found in the Expert Consulting Group and are doubled by a thorough knowledge of specific legislation in Romania. We recommend Expert Consulting Group for the range of specialised services they offer in the field of energy."


Area Engineering


"With 15 years experience, we are the market leader in the delivery of ethnic food (segment in which we operate). As business top award winning Food & Bar for best delivery company, we are pleased to recommend Expert Consulting Group accounting, payroll and tax advice services. Group partners have a great understanding of the specific activity in the field of hospitality, and the team is always at our disposal in a proactive manner. "


Sabin Cernea, CEO · Wu Xing


"Experienced team of accountants, with a good appetite for automation."


Claudiu Radu · Nexus ERP

"We strongly recommend Expert Consulting Group services, with whom we have developed an excellent cooperation in organising information flow of our business specific documents (Kitchen, Bar etc.). We consider the Group Expert Consulting a reliable partner and a profitable support in the business we run."


The Embassy Group


"I express my appreciation for our company's collaboration with Group Expert Consulting 2000 SRL. We chose to work for a long time with your company due to availability, flexibility, outstanding quality of services provided. Also the professionalism of Group Expert Consulting 2000 SRL employees has always offered full support in choosing the best solutions for our requests related to accounting and payroll services. In conclusion, I recommend the company Group Expert Consulting 2000 SRL, as a professional and reliable collaborator for any company and I appreciate the quality of its services, which favourably differentiates it from competitors."


Clear Channel Romania | DEFI Romania


"We recommend SC Group Expert Consulting 2000 SRL as a serious, prompt partner which fulfils its contractual obligations on time, providing quality services at competitive prices. These conclusions were drawn after the execution of a personal services contract concluded between our company since 2007 and currently in progress. Contractual obligations have been fulfilled in due time, without blur or inconsistencies, which is why the emergence of litigation was not and is not possible. Good service quality, operational mode and prompt fulfilment raised issues led us to choose SC Group Expert Consulting 2000 SRL as a partner. Also the co-operation between companies is pleasant, the rights and obligations of both parties being clearly outlined and fulfilled."


Luca Ceriani, CEO · Petruzalek


"SC Group Expert Consulting 2000 SRL is fulfilling its contractual obligations with quality and professionalism, therefore we recommend this company as a good choice for accounting services / external audit”.


Pro Confort


"We are able to recommend SC Group Expert Consulting 2000 SRL, represented by Piroi Maria, as a very good professional company that fulfils its contractual obligations on time and in terms of the highest quality”.


Adrian Badila, President · Alma-RO Association NGO


"We recommend Mrs. Maria Piroi for any other similar projects, as she proved professionalism, respected international audit standards, the Romanian legislation and standards set by professional bodies in Romania (CAFR, CECCAR)”.


Terra Mileniul III Foundation | Fundația Terra Mileniul III


"The Group Expert Consulting is a professional team of accountants and tax consultants and the services that they provide are at international standards. The group is permanently involved in our relationship with tax authorities. Being a professional and prompt team, we recommend them for their proactive attitude, oriented towards solving specific problems in a timely manner."


Francisc Peli, Managing Partner · Pelipartners Law Firm

"Among the best accounting companies I've worked with. Speaking from personal experience, they can tackle everything from PFAs and independent activities, to SRLs and non-profit organisations. The people assigned to work with me were very helpful and Ms. Piroi, the founder, was very patient and thorough in explaining and helping set up all the accounting and fiscal aspects. I highly recommend them for their strong focus on involvement with their customers and keeping them up-to-date with their financials, keeping up with fiscal and accounting laws, international collaborations with other accounting professionals, innovation and automation."


Alexandru Argaseala

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