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What is the structure of the Companies Law 31/1990?

Many of the questions appearing naturally when doing business in Romania find their answer in the Companies Law 31/1990. Let’s get familiar with its structure.

Company Law book

TITLE I: General provisions (art. 1-4)

TITLE II: Incorporation of companies

Chapter I: Actul constitutiv of the company (art. 5-17)

Chapter II: Specific formalities for the incorporation of the joint stock company through public subscription (art. 18-35)

Chapter III: Registration of the company (art. 36-45)

Chapter IV: The effects of violating the legal requirements for establishing the company (art. 46-59)

Chapter V: Several procedural provisions (art. 60-64)

TITLE III: Functioning of companies

Chapter I: Shared provisions (art. 65-74)

Chapter II: Societatile in nume colectiv (art. 75-87)

Chapter III: Societatile in comandita simpla (art. 88-90)

Chapter IV: Joint stock companies (art. 91-186)

Chapter V: Societatile in comandita pe actiuni (art. 187-190)

Chapter VI: Limited liability companies (art. 191-203)

TITLE IV: Changing the act constitutiv

Chapter I: General provisions (art. 204-206)

Chapter II: Decrease or increase of share capital (art 207-221)

TITLE V: Excluding and withdrawal of shareholders (art. 222-226)

TITLE VI: Dissolution, mergers and division of companies

Chapter I: Dissolving companies (art. 227-237)

Chapter II: Merger and division of companies (art. 238-251^1)

Chapter III: Cross-border mergers

TITLE VII: Liquidation of companies

Chapter I: General provisions (art. 252-261)

Chapter II: Liquidation of Societatile in nume colectiv, Societatile in comandita simpla, or of Limited liability companies (art. 262-263)

Chapter II: Liquidation of Joint stock companies and of Societatile in comandita pe actiuni (art. 264-270^2)

TITLE VII1: European company (art. 270^2a-270^2e)

TITLE VIII: Contraventions and crimes (art. 270^3-282)

TITLE IX: Final and transitional provisions (art. 283-294)

The Romanian terms used for precision: Actul constitutiv, Societatile in nume colectiv, Societatile in comandita simpla, Societatile in comandita pe actiuni

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